Poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish made of fresh fish, limu (seaweed), inamona or kukui nut (candlenut) and sea salt. From its original form, poke has evolved into a local “must have” at every social event, celebration or gathering. Poke, once thought of as a pupu or appetizer, is now commonly eaten as a meal in the form of a Poke bowl — fresh poke on a bed of hot steamed rice or on a fresh crisp salad.

Our Mission – To serve fresh healthy seafood featuring local fishers and farmers while supporting our community.

Fresh from the boat to your bowl, Aloha Poke Shop makes your poke fresh upon ordering using the best locally sourced products.  Our locally sourced tuna, marlin, ono and other pelagic fishes are fresh, never frozen, and will not be treated with carbon monoxide, tasteless smoke or other preservatives to mask its true quality.  Our local fish comes from the highest rated sustainable fishery in the world based on the UN Fisheries and Agriculture Organization Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries – Hawaii longline fishery.  By purchasing local, we support Hawaii’s economy, responsible fisheries, sustainable agriculture, food security and our local community.

Other seafood products are sourced from responsible producers and vendors that have the highest standards in assuring your seafood will be safe and wholesome.