From the Boat to the Bowl, we use only the freshest products!  Chef Jason carefully selects the best local ahi from the Honolulu fish auction that are delivered daily from local boats producing the best, freshest and wholesome fish!  Chef Eddie works with the local farmers that provide the nicest and most flavorful produce for use in our seafood dishes.

Choose from our signature mixes
Regular ($9.95) or large ($11.95)

aloha-special“Aloha Special” – ahi, salmon and hamachi with tobiko, ikura and uni sauce.




clasisic-hwn“Classic Hawaiian” – salt, limu, inamona, chili pepper.




“Asian Fusion” – special shoyu seasoning with white and green onions and furukake.





“Spicy Ahi” – special shoyu, sesame oil, shiracha, white onion and tobiko.






tofu-poke“Tofu Poke” – substitute tofu for any of the poke mixes or create your own.




aloha-chop-chop“Aloha Chop Chop” – blend of fresh ahi cubes with cucumber, onions, romaine, tomato in refreshing salad.




“Sashimi Salad” – a trio of ahi, salmon and Hamachi sashimi, dab of ikura all over a bed of crisp lettuce, tomato and cucumber.





Build your Bowl
Regular ($9.95) or large ($11.95)
Select bedding – white rice, brown rice, greens
Select protein – Ahi or (Salmon or Hamachi add $1.50)

Customize it
Seasoning  – sea salt · shoyu · shiracha · chili oil · wasabi · Japanese mayo · furikake ·white sesame seeds · toasted sesame seeds · inamona · chili pepper flakes

Produce – ginger · green onion · white onion · tomato · cucumber · fresh limu seaweed · lettuce

Select one side
Kimchee · Pickled Onions & Cucumbers · Taegu

Kick it up?
Add a pat of Ikura · tobiko · tuna mayo — $1.00 each

Other Items

shoyu-ahi-musubiShoyu Ahi Musubi – $2.50





salmon-musubiSalmon Musubi – $2.50





nato-musubiShiso Natto Musubi – $2.50





tuna-mayo-musubiTuna Mayo Musubi – $2.50





spam-musubiSpam Musubi – $2.00






Sashimi  – $8.50 each

ahi-sashimiAhi Sashimi





salmon-sashimi2Salmon Sashimi





hamachi-sashimiHamachi Sashimi





Coffee Items (Hot or Iced)16 oz20 oz
Michele's Aloha Blend Coffee (20% Kona)$3.50$4.00
Shot of Espresso $2 single, $3 double
Hot Tea-Sencha or Chai$3.50$4.00
Hot Chocolate$3.50$4.00
Flavored Latte$4.00$4.50
Flavored shots add $.50